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Veteran Recovery Homes in Philadelphia

house1Support Homeless Veterans, Inc. has 8 family oriented veteran group homes in the Philadelphia community. The homes are devoted to
1. Not over crowding
2. Being placed in desirable areas
3. They are homes that our team would live in themselves. SHV can house 28 veterans among these homes.

The concept is peer support family oriented model that allows the veterans to feel at home and with family. This permanent housing concept has been in operation since September 2012 and has since proved a 85% retention rate longer than 6 months and 70% longer than 18 months. Our relapse rate is 15% and our inpatient psych rate is only 2%. This means that our veterans stay with us longer and remain clean, sober, and sane. Other organizations do not even advertise these rates. The reality is that homeless veterans are a difficult population to serve and you can not win them all, but this independent support model is proven to bring a permanent solution to the chronic problem of homelessness among our veterans.

1. Camac Street - North Philadelphia (Co-ed Housing)
2. Marston Street - South Philadelphia
3. 24th Street - South Philadelphia
4. Graduate House - Glenside PA
5/6. Potterton Heights - Germantown Philadelphia

Support Homeless Veterans, Inc. has also been able to achieve these measures operating on 100% volunteers and 100% donations and the subsidized veteran rent collected on a monthly basis. This is why your donations are needed and we can prove that they go directly to keeping our houses open and serving veterans in need.

Our homes offer:
- Cable TV
- WIFI Internet access
- Private and Shared Rooms
- Yard Space
- Comfortable Decor
- Family Meals
- House Captains
- Pet Friendly

**** If you know a veteran in need of housing please fill out the application and e-mail it to or fax it to us at 215-758-2575****